Wooden Fishing Game

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Probably every little kid loves fishing. It’s an exciting time when they develop their skills. But when our kids are only 2 or 3 years old it’s not that easy to go fishing with them, but still we need to find the way how to offer them an exciting time. 

Cubika Company solved the problem of the youngest fishermen. Today they introduce you an original eco toy that will help to entice the baby and contribute to its development. Wooden toy "Fishing game" is a small fish figurines and a special fishing rod that will help to catch each of them in turn. The “hook” of the fishing rod and absolutely all the fish are equipped with built-in magnets that are easily attracted to each other, guaranteeing a reliable grip. The task of the baby is to carefully present the fishing rod to the fish by clinging it to the "hook". The figures have different colors, allowing the child to choose the ones that they like best. This eco-friendly toy perfectly develops fine motor skills, eye, coordination, logic, perseverance and attentiveness. All elements of this set are made of environmentally friendly material, which absolutely does not harm the health of a little fisherman. So every parent can be totally calm about the kid’s gameplay.