Mini & Me Bollywood Dance drop in

Mini & Me Bollywood Dance drop in

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Our Mini & Me Bollywood session promises a catchy playlist, fun mix of moves, and lots of energy beats to get your feet tapping, hearts thumping and bodies moving. Our students are taught to identify the beat by clapping, stomping and hopping. Parents and children can use tambourines, maracas and hand held bells to familiarize themselves with musical beats and the 8 count. The moves are tailored for the session to allow participants to comfortably learn and dance along in the given time. Simple and age appropriate word cues are used to prompt the participants to create fun dance moves based on the lyrics of the songs used in our session. This activity helps improve hand eye coordination as well as hand and feet coordination of the attendees. We end the session with poems or show and tell depending on the student popular vote. These sessions allow families to bond and be active with a fun dance class.


Ages: 18 months - 3 years old


Time: 4:00PM - 4:45PM