Literacy & Math Tutoring, Ages 3 - 5,  (Monday’s and/or Thursday’s)

Literacy & Math Tutoring, Ages 3 - 5, (Monday’s and/or Thursday’s)

  • $105.00
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Join Language Arts & Math tutoring sessions on Monday’s and/or Thursday’s from 4 PM-5 PM

Students will engage in hands-on student-centered learning.  The curriculum follows the kindergarten-level New Jersey State Learning Standards but will be differentiated based on individual student level and skill attainment.  Students will be taught at their own level. Mondays will focus on language arts reading skills, Thursdays will focus on mathematics skills.

Meet Ms. Abryanna 

Ms. Abryanna is a certified special-education New Jersey school teacher.  She is not only a certified elementary teacher and but is also highly qualified in mathematics through grade 12.  Ms. Abryanna currently teaches students across grade levels from kindergarten to seventh grade.  Her expertise across grade levels makes her the perfect candidate for the program.  As a teacher in an urban district and in inclusion classrooms, she has had significant experience using the differentiated instruction method.  She will use this strategy in order to ensure each child progresses throughout the classes.  Not only is Ms. Abryanna highly qualified, but she is also extremely warm, loving, and passionate.


  • Monday’s and/or Thursday’s 4 PM-5 PM
  • September 9 - 30 
  • October 4 - 29 
  • November 1 - 30, closed Nov. 25
  • December 2 - 20   
  • must be paid in full in order to reserve a spot. Due to the limited number of students, this payment is non-refundable. 

Educator Information:


  • Students will receive their own materials and will not be sharing (each student will have a box labeled with their materials provided by The Village). 
  • Each student will receive copies of the books used in class in order to limit shared materials. 
  • Due to the current circumstances, we ask that this be a drop-off class. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area on the first floor. 
  • Students must be potty trained. 
  • Students' temperature will be taken every morning using a non-touch thermometer. 
  • No students with a runny nose, cough, or any other signs of contagious illness will be permitted. Parents must submit a doctor's note once a child returns from being ill. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Please note that there will be no refunds under any circumstances as space is very limited.


*If you are interested in one-on-one tutoring or smaller group instruction please contact us directly for information.


*There will be no refund for absenteeism or snow closures.  In the case of mandatory long-term (one week or more) state closures, we will refund the prorated amount of days remaining or provide credit for the following classes.