The Village Learn & Grow

The Village Learn & Grow

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The Village Learn & Grow is a development-based language arts literacy program that provides littles an opportunity to love learning. The Village learning is centered on growing a love for learning at a young age in a clean and safe environment using hands-on play-based materials. The two-hour language arts literacy program is appropriate for children between 2-4 years of age. The program is not designed for the purpose of child care. This single-activity, language-arts program focuses on early learning through a literacy-based curriculum that allows children to reach milestones. Our unique curriculum for this literacy class is inspired by Montessori methods, Waldorf learning, and the Reggio Emilia approach. The curriculum is designed by a panel of early education professionals and parents. 

The Village is not licensed as a school or daycare facility. The Village team does not change diapers for littles so we request parents remain on-site for changes and/or for children to be potty trained.

Time: 9:30AM - 11:30AM Ages 2-3

Time: 9:15AM - 11:15AM Ages 3-4

Class options for ages 2-3 will be as follows: 

  • 5 days a week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday $900.00
  • 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday & Friday $720.00
  • 2 days a week - Tuesday & Thursday $480.00

Class options for Pre-K 3 & 4  will be as follows:Age group 3-4 classes require a commitment with a non-refundable deposit of $750 that will be deducted from monthly payments. Only 5-day a week options. 

*email to inquire about kindergarten pods