Co-Regulation Workshop with OT & Sensory Coach Jessica Addeo

Co-Regulation Workshop with OT & Sensory Coach Jessica Addeo

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Join Jessica for a 1 hour workshop teaching you all about your brain and nervous system. What’s happening when you are feeling on edge or snapping at your kiddos, what's happening when you feel so completely touched out you could scream. AND WHAT YOU CAN DO, to really help! You will leave feeling more grounded and centered and capable, with a deeper understanding of who you are and tools to stay in that center amongst all the chaos. Bring the littles! This event will take place in our play space.


  • Saturday, 2/11/23 from 9:30AM-10:30AM 
  • $25 per adult, one child permitted for open play per adult ticket, additional child $10 for open play
  • Location:Downstairs Play Space 
  • *Please note that due to the limited number of spots, payment is not refundable under any circumstances. In the case that The Village must close due to potential state closure guidelines, you will be refunded for unused classes. 
  • To ensure we maintain a safe environment for our littles, anyone showing symptoms of sickness will not be permitted in The Village 


Jessica Addeo is an occupational therapist who has worked in pediatrics for over 15 years, specializing in the area of sensory processing. As she became a parent herself, she realized how much her own nervous system impacted her ability to show up as the parent, wife and overall person she wanted to be. Jessica now coaches women who want to feel and be calm, happy and relaxed in their lives. These women lead busy and full lives, taking care of littles and doing all the things. She teaches women to understand their brains and nervous system, as well as science based tools for stress management and self care. Come follow her on instagram(@jessicaraddeo) to learn more!

Co-Regulation Starts with You!

Did you know that your children’s brain will mirror the internal state of your nervous system? In order to teach your children patience, frustration tolerance and coping skills, you have to be in a space to do these things yourself. And you can’t do it from a chronic state of stress. At first glance this feels like a lot of pressure, another thing to do. But in reality, it’s empowering. YOU set the tone of your house. Not a parenting technique, not an expensive toy or extracurricular activity. You are the thing to help your child stay grounded and centered. But to do this your nervous system can’t be in a state of chronic doing and stress, you have to feel safe internally. Self care that is targeted to what your specific nervous system needs becomes everything.